You can complete your registration by logging into MyHU under 'Current User Login' > Academics tab.

Proceed to the "Registration" section of the page. If registration just opened, you will see links to two forms that must be completed prior to registering: Financial Disclosure Agreement and Personal Information Update. 

Please read and complete the forms. 

You can then proceed back to the Registration box > Course Search. 

When searching for classes, be sure to leave all search fields blank, in order to view all courses that are available to you based on your program of study. This is because some courses require an exact match. The only field that should be filled in is “term” which is automatically populated for your convenience. 

When does registration open? 

The date registration opens each semester, is available on the current year's Academic Calendar. Please refer to this article to find more information on where you can access the Academic Calendar

F1 Visa Students are expected to be registered on time and attend all sessions for the course(s) they are enrolled in. Please be sure to register on time and/or early in order to be registered in your preferred courses and sections.

Registration Tutorial Video and Instructions 

It is recommended you watch the Registration Tutorial Video provided right below the registration box or by following this link, Registration Video Tutorial.

You may also refer to the Registration Instructions for an explanation on the course registration process in further detail by clicking this link --> Registration Instructions

PhD: Depending on the student progress in the PhD Program, the student may require assistance from Records and Registration to complete course registration each semester. Each semester the student will receive a communication regarding course registration with specific instructions. Any questions or concerns regarding course registration should be directed to the Records and Registration Office for assistance.