A graduate student may repeat a course in which a final grade of “C” or below has been received. The original grade will remain on the student’s academic record. After the course has been repeated, the most recent grade will be used in the calculation of the student’s cumulative grade point average.  A student cannot repeat a course for the sole purpose of improving the overall GPA if the degree requirement has already been met.

Please note - MyHU will not permit you to register yourself for a course(s) taken in a previous term. 

If you were unsuccessful in a course in a previous term and would now like to repeat the course, you can submit a ticket requesting our office register you to repeat the course. 

The process to request to be registered for a repeat course is as follows-

  • You will review the course schedule for the upcoming semester and select a section with available seats.
  • You will then submit a ticket and provide our office with the full course number of the section you wish to take. 
  • Our office will then manually register you for the course. We will send you a confirmation once it has been processed. 

Please note-

  1. Although both grades will appear on your transcript, the most recent grade earned will be used to calculate your cumulative GPA. 
  2. You can not register to repeat the course until the previous course has been graded, even if you expect a failing grade.