Tuition is considered fully earned at the end of the first week of classes.   For refund purposes, the semester begins on the first day of class for that semester, regardless of the student’s first class day of attendance during week one.  The period of time used to calculate the tuition refund is the first day of class of the semester to the University’s determination date of official or unofficial withdrawal.  

There will be no refund or additional charges for a student who adds and drops an equal number of credits within the same semester prior to the end of the Add/Drop Period. 

If a student reduces the number of courses and/or credits during the published Add/Drop Period, a tuition adjustment for that course or semester hour reduction will be made.    

There is a 100% tuition refund when a student withdraws during the Add/Drop period, but no tuition refund when a student withdraws after the Add/Drop Period.