The Harrisburg University Library is excited to announce the opening of HU's new bookstore in partnership with Ambassador Education Solutions! 

The HU Bookstore can be accessed at this link: When students sign in, they can shop their schedule and buy any needed materials. The full booklist with pricing is available through the "Price Report" feature, if students want to look at the books required for their courses. 

Another new feature of our Ambassador partnership is the addition of a "VitalSource Course Materials" tool in the left-hand navigation menu in your Canvas courses. This tool allows students to access the ebooks they purchase through VitalSource through the bookstore from inside their Canvas courses without having to go to another website. This took makes it easier for students to access and use their materials: 

However, you are not obligated to purchase your textbooks from the HU Bookstore. You may purchase your textbooks from other vendors including, for example, Abebooks,, Books-a-Million (BAM), Barnes and Noble, or Valorebooks. Although you may obtain favorable pricing from textbook sources other than the HU Bookstore, HU only partners with Ambassador Education Solutions, and cannot guarantee the quality or timeliness of another textbook vendor. HU assumes no responsibility for problems/issues that may arise by ordering from any alternate textbook source. 

Should you purchase from a different vendor, your purchase must meet the textbook requirements advertised for each registered course. Prior to purchasing from another vendor, please confirm that the textbook you are purchasing matches the following information:

  • Full name of the book as identified for your HU Course;
  • Correct book edition; and
  • Correct ISBN.

Your textbooks may be new, used, rented, or in an electronic medium so long as they match the assigned and advertised textbook for your class.

Lastly, please order all required textbooks in a timely manner so they are in your possession for the first day of class.