If you previously attended HU and would like to return to continue your studies, you will need to submit a Readmission Application to Records and Registration. This must be completed and submitted to our office at least two weeks before the start of the semester you intend to return


The Readmission Application can be found on MyHU > Academics Tab > Left Side Menu > Home > "Readmission Application." 


Please be sure to specify on the form, which semester you plan on returning so we can process accordingly. You can refer to the Academic Calendars to determine when you will return. Please click the following link to direct you MyHU and navigating to the Academic Calendars on the left side menu bar --> MyHU Home


Please note - 


- Your account must be clear with our Business Office to be considered for readmission. If you are unsure if you have a business office hold you can contact their office via email at BusinessOfficeHelp@HarrisburgU.edu 


- A student who was in good academic standing, had satisfied all financial obligations to the University at the time of withdrawal, and had no disciplinary sanctions imposed  will be readmitted. 


- A student who left the University on academic warning, probation, or dismissal can only apply for readmission after an absence of one year. 


- The application will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Provost, who will make the readmission decision. 


- A student who leaves the University and returns from an absence of one year or more will be subject to the Catalog edition in effect during the year of return.