Per SEVIS guidelines, there are no excused absences for F-1 students. Upon the accrual of one absence, you and your employer (if applicable) will receive a warning email. The accrual of two absences will result in the termination of your SEVIS record and employment (if applicable). Please see Attendance Policy for F-1 Students


    Note: an excused absence from your professor ONLY impacts your grade, it does NOT excuse you from the in-person session requirements under the SEVIS guidelines. 

If you have a documented medical condition that can be evidenced from a US licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist, you may request a Medical Reduced Course Load for up to one year through the International Student Office. The duration of the time must also be reflected in the doctor's documentation. See Reduced Course Load Overview and Eligibility for further details. On a Medical Reduced Course Load, a student is allowed to take fewer than a full course load or no course load. If a student is approved for “No Course” load they can no longer participate in CPT. 

If the student is only taking one course during a period of the Medical Reduced Course Load, the student must study in person (register for the Executive Format class and attend the in-person sessions). If the student is taking one in-person course, they can continue participating in CPT on a Medical Reduced Course Load as it is an integral part of the academic program per SEVIS guidelines. 

Please contact the International Student Office at for any further inquiries.