HU international graduate students in F-1 status are required by United States immigration laws to be continually enrolled in a full-time status. At HU, this requires maintaining a six-credit course load in every semester of enrollment. Per SEVIS guidelines, F-1 students must attend their classes for every scheduled executive session in which they are registered as well as maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by HU’s graduate catalog. 


Students are expected to be registered on time and attend all sessions for the course(s) they are enrolled in. Review the Academic Calendar to determine when registration will open for the upcoming semesters. Please be sure to register on time and/or early in order to be registered in your preferred courses and sections. The executive session schedule is announced well in advance and students should plan accordingly: Executive Format Weekend Schedule

Please also note:

  • If a student changes courses after the semester starts (during the add/drop period), a missed executive in the new course will be counted as an absence and an attendance warning email will be sent to both the student and employer (if applicable). Attendance is not transferrable between classes.
  • If a student registers late for a class and the date of the first class meeting has passed, the student will accumulate an absence for the missed class. It is the student's responsibility to be registered for classes on time.
  • If a student is registered for two or more executive courses, the student is expected to attend all sessions for all the courses. Attendance is taken and accumulated for each class separately from one another.

For further information about maintaining F-1 Status and Student responsibilities, please consult with the International Student Office.